Empowering Women in Ghana: The Story Behind AMI London's Shea Butter

Farming in Ghana is traditionally dominated by men, but the production of Shea Butter, the key ingredient in AMI London's skincare range, is a sacred craft reserved for women. Our shea butter is made in the traditional way by women in rural Ghana. The shea nuts are wild harvested by local women's co-operatives and brought back to their villages.The shea nuts are dried out in the sun, and then roasted over an open fire. The shea nuts are then milled to release the butter from inside. The women then knead it by hand, in the traditional way that they have done for centuries. It is then heated so that impurities can be removed, before the shea butter is filtered and packed.

This meticulous process passed down through generations. AMI London proudly partners with this Cooperative, ethically sourcing Grade A, unrefined organic Shea Butter to create their organic skincare products.

By collaborating with the Cooperative, AMI London not only supports these women economically but also provides access to education, training, and essential supplies for them and their families. Through sustainable practices and ethical sourcing, AMI London ensures that these hard-working women thrive, inspiring future generations and fostering a legacy of empowerment.

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