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"A love story" by AMI London skincare is a short film written and directed by the founder of AMI London. It tells the story of the importance of loving and investing in your skin.

Starring @aishatam

Filmed by @tayoisrael

“Skin. It goes through a lot in one day and has a memory. Several years from now, my skin will show the results of how it was treated. So, I chose to treat it kindly, with respect and care, daily. It deserves it after all. It is going to represent me for a very long time. And so for that reason, I choose to stay committed and to invest in my skin. I choose to protect it. Love it. Nurture it. I choose to #bekindtomyskin 

Our vegan, sustainable and ethical skincare products are the perfect products to gift your loved ones all year round. What a great way to remind them to always #bekindtoyourskin.

Shot by @tayoisrael Model @aishatam for AMI London