Is peppermint toner good for the skin?

Floral waters are widely used in skincare as a natural component of toners. These gentle waters have subtle and precious formulas that refresh the skin, providing the perfect finishing touch to your daily cleansing routine.

Floral water possesses natural toning and conditioning properties, making it a popular ingredient in skincare for centuries across the globe.

So, what exactly is floral water?

It is the remaining condensate after the extraction of essential oils through water or steam distillation. While essential oils capture some aromatic and healing elements from plants, not all components are captured in the oil. Certain plant constituents dissolve in water, resulting in floral water, also known as essential waters.

Our peppermint toner offers remarkable cooling, astringent, and refreshing properties when used topically. It effectively balances uneven oily areas, reduces oil secretion, and promotes clearer and healthier skin. Additionally, peppermint revitalises dull and tired skin, providing a vibrant and radiant appearance. It is also beneficial for alleviating hot flushes, soothing sunburn, and calming irritable skin.

Our Peppermint Toner also serves as a cooling and soothing solution, ideal for insect bites, allergic reactions, and hydrotherapy for stiff muscles. 

Specifically formulated for oily, problematic skin and sunburn, our Peppermint Toner/Peppermint Hydrolat effectively cools, invigorates, and refreshes sore and irritable skin. Moreover, it is alcohol-free, making it a gentle choice for your skincare routine.


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