Lets talk Zero-Waste

One of our primary goals for this year is to actively reduce waste, both on a personal and business level here at AMI London.

While our commitment to minimalism and avoiding excessive packaging has occasionally caused challenges with suppliers pushing for a more luxurious appearance, we believe the current sacrifice is worthwhile. We hope that by setting this example, other brands may follow suit, fostering increased awareness of the environmental impact of excess packaging.

In defining luxury for ourselves in 2024, we emphasize the importance of caring for our planet and taking significant steps towards becoming genuinely eco-conscious.

So, what does "Zero Waste" mean to us? According to www.goingzerowaste.com, it involves striving to send nothing to landfills. This includes reducing our needs, reusing items whenever possible, sending minimal items for recycling, and composting what cannot be reused or recycled.

The concept may seem straightforward—reduce what is necessary. Our product design reflects this philosophy, ensuring that everything we offer is multipurpose, travel-friendly, and deemed absolutely necessary.

For instance, our jars serves as a versatile product—functioning as reusable jar that can be used as a jar for cotton buds, ear buds or even a plant pot. It can also be repurposed by putting common kitchen ingredients and aromatherapy oils.

Our Whipped Shea Body Butters, known for its moisturising properties, replaces at least three different products in a typical travel bag, serving as a body butter, hair sealant and a cleaner to be used as a first step oil cleanser.

Despite our commitment to minimising waste, challenges persist, especially in dealing with the inevitable shipping of parcels. However, we always refrain from using polystyrene packing noodles because we know the environmental impact.

For those embarking on their own zero-waste journey, an excellent starting point is eliminating plastic use. Mamalina's Plastic Free Parent Guide provides practical tips for everyone to follow. Raise awareness by vocalising concerns about plastic use in restaurants and challenging brands claiming to be eco-conscious yet persisting in using plastic packaging.

While some supermarkets are taking small steps, such as Morrisons allowing customers to use their containers for meat and fish, there is room for improvement. Encourage supermarkets to go further, perhaps even discontinuing the sale of plastic containers altogether.

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