Whatever Your Skin Type, We Have The Best Face Oils To Keep Your Skin Looking Radiant And Hydrated.

The last two years have difficult for most, if not all of us, but it also was necessary to help us sit back, relax and understand what the term "self care" really means. Over the last year and a half, we saw seen a huge expansion in what was once deemed an extra - face oils - which is now a skincare must. At AMI London, we believe moisturisers are great, but oils will give you the extra boost you simply cannot get from a face cream.

A lot of people think an oil will exacerbate natural oils making the skin oilier than before, but this is a misconception. Face oils have deep nourishing and powerful qualities. Unlike a moisturiser, they replace lost and low level natural oils (sebum) found from within our skin which naturally happens through age. This causes overall lacklustre and dehydrated cells. This is why at AMI London, we have formulated a face oil for every skin type that all carry high powered active properties that benefits the skin. However, it is important to know that not all oils work for certain skin types, different skin types requires a specific mix of botanical ingredients.

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