Natural Dry Brush for Exfoliating, Lymphatic and Blood Circulation


This dry brush is of the finest grade with cotton handle. It's aim is to help remove dry and dead skin whilst improving the appearance of your skin and clearing your clogged pores.
  • Aids with lymphatic drainage: Aside from leaving you with glowing skin,  dry brushing can encourage lymphatic drainage. All blood carries lymph fluid, which filters through the lymph nodes. Dry brushing speeds up the rate of blood pumping, which helps get the lymph through the body, therefore removing toxins and pathogens more quickly.
  • Exfoliates dead skin: As with all methods of exfoliating, dry brushing gets rid of the day's dirt and oil as well as dead skin cells. The result is increased cell turnover and more radiant, smooth skin.
  • Plumps the skin: Many swear their cellulite is less noticeable after dry brushing, due to temporary plumping effect it has on the skin.
  • Boosts circulation: If you've noticed that your skin is red after dry brushing, it's not just a result of irritation, and it actually isn't a cause for concern. The redness, which is just a bit of inflammation, is the result of increased circulation in the areas you've been dry brushing. Your body is simply pushing more blood to those areas.

Dry Brushing Steps

There's a method to dry brushing and it doesn't involve randomly scrubbing a brush all over your body. Here are the proper steps to take note of:

  1. To dry-brush properly, first make sure your skin is completely dry.
  2. Starting at your ankle, move your brush over your skin in long, circular motions that go in the direction of your heart.
  3. Maintain a slightly firm pressure as you dry brush.

You can dry-brush at any time of day, but we recommend doing it right before you shower. After you rinse off, slather on a our best selling whipped body butter to seal in all of your hard work.

How Often Should You Dry Brush?

Since dry brushing can leave your skin feeling a little raw, it's up to you (and the strength of your skin) to decide how often to do it. As a general rule of thumb, though, we recommend dry brushing no more than one to two times per week. And don't forget to wash your brush with baby shampoo at least twice a month to get rid of all of that dead skin buildup.

If you have ultra-sensitive skin, try dry brushing once every couple of weeks. If you build up a tolerance to it successfully, then transition to one to two times a week.


  •  1 Polished Wooden Bamboo Dry Body brush with Natural Bristles and anti-slip cotton strap

  • 1 Storage canvas bag

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